Days until Christmas: 31

Christmas is coming! ‘Tis the season to be joyful and merry and Christmas-obsessed!

I haven’t been feeling too merry lately because I have been spending too much time in my tiny prison cell of a room. Okay, it’s not that bad… but it has been feeling a bit dull and lonely.

HOWEVER, I didn’t want to sit around and complain; I decided to be proactive. So, I went on a hunt for Christmas decorations to brighten up my small living space.

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. My initial plan was to hang a wreath on the wall, but all of the pretty ones were around $60 and all of the cheaper ones were tacky or ugly. A wreath was just not going to happen.

I found some of the cutest Christmas pillows at Crate and Barrel, but they were also ridiculously expensive. It’s hard to justify spending $70 on a small pillow.

So, I went to my favourite budget-friendly store: Winners! I shopped around their Christmas section for about an hour. They didn’t have very nice wreaths and I wanted to be friendly to my wallet, so I picked up two Christmas-smelling candles and two AWESOME mugs.

The jingle bells are from the dollar store and I got little Christmas chocolate balls for me to eat, but they ended up looking really pretty on my shelf!

So now, I have a beautiful little Christmas shrine and I am 100 per cent in the Christmas spirit.

#ADVICEFROMERIN (patent pending) (just kidding. there’s no patent): If you’re having the holiday blues, decorate a little bit! Get a few new things to brighten up your space and you’ll feel so much better. NEXT STEP: Christmas baking!

Here are a few pictures of the finished product! I want to add a metallic reindeer and a small white Christmas tree but I’m debating spending more money. What do you think?

My beautiful new candles. One smells like pine needles and the other has a hint of cinnamon. I got both for a grand total of $10!

The full shelf. I know the orange candle doesn’t match, but it smells nice. 🙂

Their little butts even hang off the back of the mugs! It’s too much cuteness!

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone! How are you decorating?