Bad with technology? It’s a “dad thing.”

I think it’s a “dad thing” to be really bad with technology. They only use the internet when necessary, and they only navigate to websites they know. For my dad, these are sports websites and stock updates. Anything other than that is an unknown world to him.

When I went to visit my family this weekend, I realized just how bad with technology my dad really is.

It turns out my parents went to a dinner party where they were talking about technology and Facebook and social media, and someone informed my dad that I had a blog. He was really excited when, the next day, he came up to me and said, “Erin! I heard you have a blog!”

I said yes, and asked if he wanted to see it. “Yes! Of course I do!” he said. And then, a few seconds later –  “Erin, what’s a blog?”

(Don’t worry, I explained. Even though there’s a large possibility that he will ask me again in a few days.)

I wanted to show my parents some funny videos that have been going around the internet in case they missed out, with them being old and all. First video: The Apparently Kid!

He was also on Ellen!

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

My dad watched these videos and laughed a few times but was confused as to how the kid was on Ellen.

I told him Ellen finds viral videos and she often invites the people in the videos to be on her show.

“Oh, so she just finds them on like Facebook and eBay?”

No, not eBay.

But good try.

It turns out he meant YouTube (apparently).



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